This adventure not only met our expectations, but exceeded them. All in all, I would rate this FIVE STARS! Our guide, Edivandro (Sapo), was priceless. Butch and I caught 292 peacock bass. 31 were 12 pounds and over. SIX at 20 pounds. ONE at 21 pounds. ONE at 22 pounds and ONE at 24 pounds. Yes, that is correct. Between the two of us we caught NINE peacock bass 20 pounds or bigger! With numbers like this, you can imagine our excitement. And the pure viciousness and aggressiveness of these fish is incredible. I would most definitely recommend this trip to anyone who loves to catch fish.

Joanne Elliott

Otterville, MO

Many thanks to everyone at Rod & Gun for all your hard work. My 12th trip to the Amazon was one I will never forget. Seven anglers in our group caught 1953 peacock bass, 255 over 8 lbs. The service and meals were exceptional thanks to Daniel and Benny. We are all looking forward to returning with Rod & Gun next year!

John Craig

Houston, TX

My trip to the Brazil Safari Camp was by far the best fishing trip for peacock bass, both for quantity and size. I landed 30 to 50 fish every day. One afternoon I caught fish of 13, 16, 17, and 22 pounds. My personal best with a fly rod.

Joe Draper

Blacksburg, VA

Our January group came back extremely impressed with your program. Benny, my guide on the Jufari, is head and shoulders above any guide or fisherman I have ever met. He could do anything—untangle impossible backlashes, mend reels, fix and tune prop baits, and his eyes were like radar. The meals were exquisitely prepared and I should have married Ruth, our cook, and brought her back to the States with me. Our best peacock bass fishing trip ever!

Barry Reynolds

Denver, CO

I first fished for peacock bass with Rod & Gun Resources in 2002. Since then I have fished with them 13 times on 7 different rivers. The fishing has been outstanding on all rivers, some I have fished 2 or 3 times. The camps are all excellent and operated without any hitches. I just returned Nov. 14, 2015 and we caught almost 2,000 peacock bass in 7 days. I intend to return as soon as J.W. gives us some dates for this fall.

Ted Dugey

Houston, TX

I just returned from the Rocado Uneuixi river and I can say, “WOW” what a trip. If anyone is seeking a 20lb+ Peacock, This is the river with the greatest opportunity. I personally landed 5 over 20lbs and had opportunities for more. River Plate and our host Alejandro were fantastic. My thanks to Dawn and J.W. at R&G for all their advice and counsel. Beautiful river with clear dark water. The finest “big Fish” river in the Amazon + the guides are terrific. Thanks for a Wonderful trip.

Monty Wood

Houston, TX

I have fished for peacock bass in Brazil and Venezuela 36 times. The past 30 trips have been with Rod & Gun Resources/River Plate Outfitters in Brazil. I consistently catch good numbers of big peacocks. One week I had 17 double digit fish with six from 19-24 lbs. I can highly recommend this program, they really try hard and provide the best service.

George Sanders

Dallas, TX

The peacock bass fishing was so fantastic, we are recommending you to everyone we know! This was a 21st birthday present for my son and was truly the trip of a lifetime—he is still showing pictures to anyone who will stand still.

Grady Kane

Fort Worth, TX

Trip was fantastic. At this exact moment I wish my computer had voice typing as forearms and hands are still a little sore. Everything was outstanding and couldn’t have asked for a better trip. It was a memory that Dad and I will remember for a lifetime. I appreciate all your teams’ hard work and great accommodations. I will definitely be looking to book another trip in the future.

Stephen Tarr

Midland, TX