25+ Years of Peacock Bass Success

On our trips, many of the peacock bass you cast to have never seen a lure or fly. Rod & Gun Resources’ anglers commonly catch 20-30 peacock bass each day, from 3 to 6 pound “butterflies” to the 8 to 25 pound “barred” or “paca” super-lunkers, and there is always the chance to set a new world record.

Why Choose Us

Rod & Gun Resources has been passionately exploring and fishing the rivers of South America for more than 25 years. Our knowledge and expertise extends from the Simpson and Paloma in Chile, the Orinoco in Venezuela and Colombia, the Madeira, Rio Negro, and Solimoes tributary systems of the Amazon Basin in Brazil and Bolivia, to the Rio Dorado and Rio Uruguay in Argentina. Our renowned peacock bass trips are our favorite adventures—and the best of the best.