Peacock Bass Fishing Cabin Train

J. W. Smith of Rod & Gun Resources and our outfitter literally pioneered Peacock Bass fishing in Brazil, exploring remote headwater rivers for over 30 years. Peacock Bass are arguably, pound-for-pound, the hardest fighting freshwater fish in existence – breaking 65-pound braided line and straightening 4/0 hooks. Rod & Gun Resources’ fishermen commonly catch 20 to 30 Peacock Bass each day, from the 3- to 6-pound “butterflies” to the 8- to 25-pound “barred” or “paca” super-lunkers.

The Fishing

Our anglers fish the exclusive waters of Indian Reserves so there is no competition from other outfitters. Travel time via our shallow draft Peacock Bass fishing boats is usually 30 minutes or less. Other outfitters routinely travel an hour or more from fixed lodges or big houseboats. Our cabins move – sometimes daily – to unfished river segments and overnight along Caribbean-like beaches.

Our Peacock Bass fishing boats are custom-constructed for this specific environment. Twenty-one feet long and very stable, the boats’ shallow-draft tunnel design can traverse almost any level of water, including virtually landlocked lagoons.

Anglers fish two per boat with our extremely knowledgeable, cheerful and talented Brazilian fishing guides. Each guide is well-versed in the nuances of bait casting, spin casting and fly fishing. They speak enough “fishing English” to communicate effectively and are intimately familiar with the fishing resources and how to find concentrations of peacock bass.


Our fly-in floating cabins are the ultimate in mobility and comfort (we operates six independent shallow draft “river trains” in all). Upon arrival at the camp location, guests will find clean, well designed and air conditioned casitas, along with a large dining structure and a comfortable cocktail/beach lounging area.

Each river train has a Brazilian manager with an intimate knowledge of the fishery who is experienced in handling the complex logistics inherent in Amazon fishing.

Our small groups (normally eight guests) enjoy superb personalized service from the manager, camp host and staff. Amenities include daily laundry service and morning coffee delivery, and an excellent variety of both continental and exotic regional dishes make up the week’s menu. Fresh breads and pastries are baked daily and chilled wines, ice-cold beer, soft drinks, and local liquors are always available.

Typically set upon clean white beaches or clean grassy shores, each 12 -foot by 21-foot barge accommodates two Peacock Bass fishermen in comfort.

The cabin interiors are tastefully decorated and every detail from individual air-conditioners, writing tables, built-in shelving for clothes and gear, and reading lights has been carefully considered. Each barge-cabin has its own bathroom facility with shower, sink and toilet.

Our cabins cruise the headwaters of small tributaries with fish-filled lagoons, far from the melee of competing peacock bass fishing houseboats and lodges on the deep -channel waterways. Land-based lodges in Brazil have no mobility to seek better water levels and their areas become rapidly overfished two to three hours upriver and downriver. Our cabins move – sometimes daily – to unfished river segments and overnight along Caribbean-like beaches.

What you won’t find are many pesky bugs. The pristine rivers we fish have naturally-high tannin levels (from extensive leaf decay) which discourage the development of biting insects.



Fishing Package Includes:

  • Six full days peacock bass fishing
  • Ground transportation
  • Air charter/fast boat from Manaus to camp and return
  • Fully equipped boat and guide (one guide for two anglers)
  • Fishing license
  • Level-wind baitcasting rods and reels
  • Line and lures (except jigs)
  • Double accommodations
  • All meals at the fishing camp
  • Brazilian wine, beer, liquor and soft drinks
  • Daily laundry and maid service at the fishing camp
  • Hotel in Manaus (one night — double accommodations)


Anglers fly to Manaus, Brazil, arriving on Friday and overnight, then travel to the fishing area Saturday morning via air charter and fast boats. Anglers are returned to Manaus the following Saturday. Departing flights from Manaus should be scheduled for any time after 2:30 PM on Saturday. (Keep in mind that any charter delays could cause missed flights.) The safe bet would be to plan on staying in Manaus Saturday evening and depart Manaus at any time on Sunday.

If you need assistance with air travel reservations, please contact Kevin Martin at Martin Travel Services — [email protected] or (800) 627-8468.

**IMPORTANT** When making your travel reservations, please be sure you have plenty of time between flights to make your connections.If you miss your flight to Manaus, you will miss your charter flight to the fishing area and it will be very costly for you to get a special (off-schedule) charter.

Download important pre-trip details here: