peacock bass fishing JW fly webJ.W. and Dawn Smith: The Smiths, co-founders of Texas-based Rod & Gun Resources, have been passionately exploring and fishing the rivers of South America for more than 25 years. Their knowledge and expertise extends from the Simpson and Paloma in Chile, the Orinoco in Venezuela and Colombia, the Madeira, Rio Negro, and Solimoes tributary systems of the Amazon Basin in Brazil and Bolivia, to the Rio Dorado and Rio Uruguay in Argentina. They return frequently to these renowned fishing destinations to ensure the high quality standards are met and maintained. They continue to search for untouched fisheries: floating headwater tributaries, flying mountain streams in helicopters, and camping in jungle hammocks. The Smiths developed some of the first fly patterns and fly fishing techniques for peacock bass, payara, golden dorado and many other tropical species.


The Smiths have sent literally thousands of serious peacock bass fishing anglers to Brazil over the last decade and know the rivers and lagoons where large populations of giant peacock bass live—from the Marmelos River south of Manaus to the upper Xeriuni River in the north.

peacock bass dawn fishingOur peacock bass fishing outfitter: Luis Brown of River Plate Anglers is a true pioneer of Amazon fishing. Brown was born and raised in the jungles of Brazil and was educated in America – receiving a MBA from the Wharton School of Finance. Luis knows the standards American peacock anglers have come to expect and he has the experience, local connections and back-country savvy to provide an unparalleled fishing adventure.

Rod & Gun Resources: Arranging bird hunts and fishing trips is our only business, so we don’t like to make mistakes. We go to enormous trouble to be sure we intimately know the habitats in the areas we represent, and within those premier habitats we spend equal time getting to know the best outfitter and lodge accommodations. We have visited many of our destinations 20-30-40 times—most particularly our Amazon peacock bass destinations. We play a prominent role in the oversight and management of our programs and we serve as the United States reservations headquarters for many of our destinations and can give you immediate availability on dates. No waiting for days to hear back from outfitters in remote or far and distant locations.

Arranging a trip through Rod & Gun Resources costs no more than dealing directly with a lodge or outfitter—often less, in fact. We can save you money and costly mistakes by ensuring you are in the right place at the proper time for the game you are seeking.

No one in the outdoor travel business has more knowledge and hands-on experience with the destinations mentioned herein. When you call, you will speak to a dedicated fellow sportsman who understands every nuance of the trip—and who speaks from repeated, and most importantly, recent experience.

Once a trip with Rod & Gun Resources is confirmed, you will receive very detailed pre-trip information to assist in your preparation. These specifics on travel, clothing, equipment, weather, local customs and many other items are meticulously prepared and updated frequently—sometimes weekly, depending on the trip.